My name is Jonas Grøndahl and I'm a Fullstack JS developer, currently living in Denmark.


Ever since primary school, I've been very much into gaming and as a result spent a tremendous amount of time in front of the PC playing games.

I have always had a competitive mindset and my goal has always been to compete at the highest level. I started out playing Heroes of Newerth then transitioned to Dota 2 when it releases.

I attending a series of LAN tournaments but no noteworthy results were achieved. Later on I picked up World of Warcraft and started to get into arena PVP and a new era had begun. I played the expansion packs Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor and stopped playing seriously when Legion was released. I managed to get R1 on all classes that was able of playing the healer role and qualified for 2 BlizzCon European Championships.

At the same time I was studying Computer Science at the university.

When I graduated from university and got my first job, I quit gaming and went all-in on web development and I've been all over it ever since.


I've been creating web sites and web apps fullstack for a good 4 years. I started out with PHP and some basic HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery. This has over the years evolved into a JavaScript focused tech stack consisiting of primarily React on the frontend and Node on the backend.

If you ask me whether I see myself mostly as a frontend or backend enginner, my answer is definitely frontend.

I love building user interfaces. Creating great, simple and easy-to-understand is no easy task but I feel like I've been getting a good grasp of doing exactly that. I can't visit a website without thinking of the design, layout and the general user experience. I know the core functionalities that is needed for different components. In other words, I'm excited to make web stuff!

I'm ready to tell my whole story if you're interested, but this is all I will tell for now!

I'm always open to hear about new opportunities